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Namibia is showing promising signs of attracting real private investment. with the recent wave of investor interests in the country including a promising mix of private equity, venture capital, and other asset classes, which could be directed towards infrastructure, commercial real estate, and technical development.

This is according to Namibia’s Ambassador to China Elia Kaiyamo who was speaking in Beijing, China at the International Economics and Technology Administration Forum.

“Of late, private investors have shown increased interest in various economic sectors other than the traditional extractive investments in projects such as Green Hydrogen development,” said Kaiyamo.

Addressing leaders and other invited high profile officials, Namibia’s ambassador to China noted that in terms of bilateral trade in 2019, the total volume of trade between China and Namibia was about US$709 million, with a year-on-year decrease as compared to 2018 when the volumes recorded 14.28% from US$800 million.

“Obviously, the pandemic has …