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Equity UN

A consortium of organizations led by Equity Group has signed a strategic partnership to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Kenya by 2030.

The partners include Equity Group Foundation together with the United Nations system in Kenya, and its SDG Partnership Platform.

In a statement, Equity Group said the strengthened partnership will promote and catalyze investments in the SDGs beyond short-term cycles, enabling the UN system in Kenya to reach more people on the ground through Equity’s strong brand in the community, its infrastructure network, development expertise and local knowledge.

Additionally, the partnership will promote social and financial inclusion improving economic outcomes for human development and contributing to the socio-economic transformation of Kenya.

The coming together of the two institutions is expected to support Kenya’s transition as an emerging Middle-Income country through harnessing innovative partnerships, investments, and financing to accelerate the SDGs for poverty alleviation, and …