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EU-Kenya ties Photo-PSCU - The Exchange

The European Union (EU) envoys have pledged their support to Kenyan government on the war against graft and counterfeits.

This took place during the ambassadors’ meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi ahead of the launch of a dialogue forum between the Kenya Private Sector Alliance and European Union Business Council.

According to the President’s Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU) the EU envoys to Kenya have, in one united voice, declared their full support for the ongoing purge against runaway corruption and the crackdown on counterfeit goods in the country.

According to statistics relesed by the Kenya Association of manufacturers (KAM) on counterfeit, many counterfeit products evade taxation, and in doing so they appropriate huge portions of the national revenues.

“This explains the recent upsurge of fictitious invoicing which has been flagged by the Kenya Revenue Authority facilitate tax evasion. The Government has declared loss of billions of Kenya …