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As African nations’ economies grow, so do individual expenses in basic and often, extra necessities, such as food, clothing, rent, data, and entertainment to say the least.

In this case, there are a lot of benefits attached when people tweak their expenses strategically and hone the art of saving, especially on their consumables spending habits when living in big cities, such as Tanzania’s commercial capital, Dar es Salaam (Africa’s fifth-largest city).

Tanzania is one of the fastest-growing economies in sub-Saharan Africa, and Dar es Salaam (with more than six million people) is one of the 30 cities in the world growing fast, according to National Geographic.

Expatistan, a cost of living database, noted that Dar es Salaam has cheaper costs of living than in 62 per cent of cities in Africa and in 83 per cent of cities around the world.

As we accumulate savings over time, the nagging worries…