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Tanzania's Mining Act | Mining in Tanzania | Gold in Tanzania
  • Tanzania’s Mining Act, which governs the exploration, extraction, and processing of minerals, is crucial in shaping the industry’s landscape.
  • Since gaining independence, Tanzania’s approach to mining legislation has evolved significantly.
  • The Mining Act in place today in Tanzania was designed to create a conducive environment for mining investments while safeguarding the nation’s interests and promoting sustainable development.

Tanzania’s mining sector is a significant pillar of the economy, contributing to the country’s GDP, employment, and foreign exchange earnings. The Mining Act, which governs the exploration, extraction, and processing of minerals, is crucial in shaping the industry’s landscape.

Over time, evolving challenges and the dynamic global mining environment have necessitated periodic reviews and amendments to this legislation. The latest proposed bill seeks to amend the Mining Act to address current issues, enhance sector governance, and ensure the sustainable development of Tanzania’s mineral resources.

Historical Context and Evolution of Mining Legislation in Tanzania

Bank of Windhoek
  • A finance-focused panel at the 2023 Namibia International Energy Conference explored new pathways to financing and developing capital-intensive African energy and infrastructure projects.
  • As global financial institutions continue to reduce or eliminate fossil fuel lending, emerging producers such as Namibia are seeking to drive local and regional financial participation in capital-intensive projects and trade infrastructure.
  • In addition to leveraging foreign investment as an end within itself, panelists discussed how the sector can leverage foreign support as a means of creating local capacity through regional debt and credit-support instruments.

Namibia is looking to increase local investment in large-scale energy projects moving forward, a panel at the 2023 Namibia International Energy Conference, has concluded. 

Under the theme, “Financing Energy & Power Projects: Trends, Outlook & Forecast,” a strategic panel examined how the southern Africa country can finance massive projects and structure deals that benefit regional economies. 

As global financial institutions continue to

South African Currency (The Exchange)

Enock Godongwana, South Africa’s finance minister appeared at ease for a man delivering his maiden budget speech. A speech whose pronouncements can send the markets soaring or sinking. A lot was riding on this, but the man seemed casual and affable during the delivery of his address he occasionally addressed the members of parliament by name and spoke in his native Xhosa language.

A lot was indeed riding on his presentation today the 23rd of February 2022. The primary expectations of the speech from stakeholders are whether the treasury chief’s plan for 2022 will stimulate economic growth and foreign direct investment. Each South Africa needs urgently.

The finance minister began his address by affirming his commitment from his midterm budget speech to the reconstruction and recovery of the economy and by extension saving lives and livelihoods.

Very noble aspirations and themes. This message is needed by citizens who have grown …