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US-Africa trade relations
  • Continuing from the discussion of evolving US-Africa trade relations, a key aspect of this dynamic is the strategic objective of countering Chinese influence on the continent.
  • By 2024, Africa is poised to undergo a significant shift in geopolitical and economic dynamics, emerging as a crucial arena for global powers such as China and the US.
  • The evolving focus on Africa is driven by its transforming economic landscape, marked by rapid growth, a youthful population, and abundant resources, attracting attention from major players seeking strategic advantages.

By 2024, Africa will have witnessed the beginning of a new age in the geopolitical and economic dynamics of the world. In recent years, the continent has shifted its focus from humanitarian issues and developmental assistance to becoming an important strategic arena for the world’s leading powers, particularly China and the US. Several elements are coming together to highlight Africa’s growing importance internationally, driving this …

Kenyan Cabinet Secretary Betty Maina (R) with US Trade Representative Katherine Tai. Kenya and the US have launched a strategic trade and investment partnership.

Richard Neal, a US Representative who chairs the trade and tax-focused House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee, held out hope that the US-Kenya talks could develop into a full trade deal.

“This initiative will lay the groundwork for a comprehensive free trade agreement that includes market access, builds off AGOA, and complements both regional and continental integration,” he said in a statement.

Neal said the United States should “embrace” Kenya’s willingness to deepen its economic ties with the United States.

Meanwhile, Meg Whitman has been confirmed by the US Senate as the new US Ambassador to Kenya. She will take over for Kyle McCarter, who left in January 2021.…