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South Africa, Africa’s most diversified economy has taken a hard hit on its currency as investors grow increasingly anxious over the impact of the spread of corona virus in Africa.

According to a reuters report, investors are slowing down as they are calculating the economic impact of China’s spreading coronavirus outbreak.

According to Reuters, at 0702 GMT, the rand traded at 14.4800 versus the dollar, 0.59 per cent lower than its New York close on Friday.

The South African economy has sustained a rather serious shakedown over the past year, causing its business index to plummet, thus—reports show the sluggish outlook for the local economy added further strain on the currency on Monday.

Global Markets tumbled on Monday as investors grew increasingly anxious about the economic impact of the outbreak of coronavirus, which has taken more than 80 people’s lives.

Further, Reuters noted that a weak growth outlook for …