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  • The AFDB is collaborating with Google to advance the continent’s tech usage in business.
  • Both parties will harness emerging technologies, extend and improve infrastructure, train talent and skill required within Africa.
  • In 2005, Google invested in Seacom Cable, a major telecommunications cable system in Africa.

The digital era, or the fourth industrial revolution, is upon us, and small businesses in Africa could be among the top beneficiaries. Organizations from across the globe are collaborating to provide the necessary financial support and infrastructure to aid in Africa’s tech journey.

Amid this plethora of investors, the African Development Bank (AfDB) has pioneered significant milestones with the continent’s tech journey. In its latest milestones, the AFDB bank has collaborated with Google to speed up Africa’s digital transformation.

The African Development Bank partners with Google

Recently, the AFDB bank officially collaborated with Google to advance the continent’s tech enterprise in businesses. Both parties signed

Google Unveils US$3.980 million (Sh479mn) Fund To Support Tech Startups Export Their Technologies

The grant recipients in this year’s cohort, 50% of whom are women-owned enterprises, are from Kenya, Botswana, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Ghana, Rwanda, Nigeria, and South Africa. Senegal, and Uganda.

They specialise in sectors such as fintech, healthcare, e-commerce, logistics, agtech, education, hospitality and smart cities.

Although there are many opportunities in the vast continent of Africa, there is a lack of variety in the flow of venture capital funding.

“We expect that Black Founders Fund Program would be capable of bridging the gap of disproportionate funding between ex-pat businesses over local and black-led enterprises”, Folarin Aiyegbusi, Head of Startup Ecosystem Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), stated.…

Google Announces Ksh 465M Fund Targeting Kenyans

Applicants are required to have a start-up business in its early stages, have black founders or diverse founding teams, and have their headquarters located somewhere on the African continent.

In addition to being beneficial to the African Community, the start-ups should be capable of developing technological solutions for both the African market and the global market, and they should have both the potential to grow and the potential to create jobs.

To submit an application, potential applicants need to go to the website where they will be prompted to provide their email address.…

A photo about Internet economy in Africa.
  • The continent internet economy can reach $180 billion by 2025, accounting for 5.2 per cent of Africa’s GDP
  • Africa’s access to the internet stands at  40 per cent, according to Google
  • With more than 1.3 billion people, Africa lags behind the rest of the world in internet connectivity as it has only 22 per cent in connectivity

Africa’s digital economy is expanding quite fast. The continent internet economy can reach $180 billion by 2025, accounting for 5.2 per cent of Africa’s GDP, according to information from IFC.

Doubling down on the latter, by 2050, the projected potential contribution could reach $712 billion, 8.5 per cent of the continent’s GDP (IFC). Internet in Africa is the new gold as it facilitates the growth of technology-driven sectors, transforming communities’ economies.

Internet in Africa is transforming economies of fast-growing countries that also record a large share of internet users in the region, such …