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  • To lessen its carbon footprint, Tanzania is adopting the use of vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG).
  • Plans are underway to set up CNG refilling stations in Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, and Dodoma cities.
  • Tanzania’s $42 billion Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) project makes the transition to natural gas-powered vehicles a viable initiative.

In Tanzania, a new revolution to reduce carbon footprint is underway. The government is rolling out a plan to cease the use of crude oil for its government vehicles. This is part of a larger national initiative to reduce carbon footprint and adopt a more environmentally friendly system.

Instead of oil, the Tanzania Government Procurement Services Agency (GPSA) will now purchase vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG).

A CNG vehicle is a car powered by natural gas rather than gasoline or diesel fuel. These cars are not specially manufactured to use CNG. Instead, automakers …