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  • Presidents Cyril Ramaphosa and Felix Tshisekedi agree on exploring electric batteries deal during a bilateral business forum in Kinshasa.
  • Another agreement will see the revival of the 11GW Inga 3 hydropower project on the Congo River.
  • President Ramaphosa terms DRC as the “beating heart” of Africa in a meeting with Tshisekedi and hundreds of industrialists.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has won big in his talks with his Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) counterpart where a deal on the manufacture electric batteries will be explored.

Presidents Felix Tshisekedi and Ramaphosa undertook to ensure the implementation of various agreements concluded during the 12th session of the Joint Grand Committee.

DRC’s lithium vital in electric batteries

In light of the DRC’s abundant lithium mineral reserves, the production of electric batteries is an excellent area of cooperation between South Africa and the DRC.

Lithium helps make lithium-ion batteries, which are key cog of the …

Transport infrastructure will help better integrate Africa and increase trade

As part of improving regional infrastructure works, DRC President Tshisekedi is looking to improve its power output through its Grand Inga Dam project but has been facing resistance, especially from the West.

DRC plans to build the Grand Inga Dam, which, when complete, would be the world’s largest hydropower project. With the capacity of producing 88,000 plus Mega Watts, Grand Inga Dam would make DRC “the heart of the world’s clean energy production system.”

The Grand Inga Dam is expected to rival the power supply of major world economies like Spain; in fact, the dam’s power output would surpass the power output of all of south of Europe combined.…

Jobs in Africa African Continental Free Trade Area.

Reallocation of government financing is essential in unlocking infrastructure potential. It eliminates the crowding out of private-sector funding, as government investing in most commercially viable assets is crucial to those with lower returns (Mckinsey). 

Tanzania is one of the nations that leverages its internal revenue to fund its projects, including iconic bridges in the nation’s commercial capital and several roads, buildings and facilities across the country.  

Kenya is another excellent example of a solution offered by Mckinsey as the government prioritised investment in municipal infrastructure as part of a drive to provide 500,000 new affordable housing units in five years.  

Ethiopia is moving similarly, whereby it has prioritised investment in industrial development zones to attract global apparel manufacturers.  …