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Hilda Bujiku speaks during the launch of Vodacom 5G technology

Vodacom Tanzania fell Sh103.8 billion short of its second quarter target and the company blames it on what it says is ‘the impact of mobile money transaction levies.’

In its latest annual report, Tanzania’s largest telecom, subscription wise, said compared to the same period last year, its second quarter earnings this year, that Sh956.515 are over one percent lower.

Not only was the income low, but the company had projected much higher earnings this year in excess of Sh1.06 trillion. However, much to the dismay of its investors and stakeholders, the company was almost 10 percent off target in this year’s second quarter earnings.

So what happened, how did the largest telecom company fall so far off its projections? And no in just one area, the company’s annual report concedes that Vodacom suffered drop of revenue in at least four of its top six revenue channels.

Vodacom, the only publicly …