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Jasco partnership with Icolo Nairobi Data centre

As banks, security organizations and other entities requiring data storage, Africa is seeing a growth of data centres across the continent. The Jasco Group, an ICT smart technology solutions partner has signed an agreement with Icolo to create a data centre in Karen, Nairobi. 

In light of this, new points of presence (PoP) are growing. Nairobi is becoming a hub as data storage and security is becoming needed ever so more. 

Jasco co-locating with Icolo takes the company a step towards ensuring it provides its customer’s guaranteed solutions. Data centres offer non-stop available of internet and data with guaranteed backup and protection against damage, disaster and damage.

iColo is a carrier-neutral data centre service provider. They offer access to co-locate to business in all fields including cloud providers, content providers, financial sector and enterprise segment. Therefore, it creates an ecosystem for businesses to hold on as well as grow. The

For the past six years the number of people going online has doubled in Tanzania, from 9 million in 2013 to over 23 million people in 2019, TCRA reports indicates.

Mobile Networks Services providers have also taken a bite in the success by offering the best communications technological capabilities, such as the 4G LTE data network that improved tremendously connectivity in Tanzania.

Earlier this year, President John Magufuli witnessed the official ownership of the Telecom Traffic Monitoring System (TTMS) to TCRA, being one of the powerful tools in TCRA arsenal that properly oversee, protect and promote the telecom industry in Tanzania that generates billions for revenue.

Available data indicate TCRA had garner over US $ 41.7 million as revenue via the effective application of the TTMS.

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Mobile Network Operators have also taken a bite out of the communications sphere …