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In this column called “The Indicator,” we will be taking an economic or financial statistic from East Africa and breaking it down into bite-sized nuggets of knowledge for investors.

This month’s indicator figure is 63

63 what?

There are exactly 63 investors focused on early stage, seed, or “angel” investing in the East African Community (EAC) countries according to Angel List, a global platform for start-up investing that seeks to “democratize the investment process and to help start-ups with their challenges in fundraising and talent”.

What is an angel investor and what do they seek to invest into?

An angel investor is a term for typically a wealthy individual who invests in a start-up, early stage, seed stage, at the new company level,or in relatively new companies that are looking for a higherreturn on the higher risk of business start-ups.

In East Africa, angel investors typically invest anywhere from US$1,000 …