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How criminals capitalized on lax security  

The world was caught with its guard down by a Hollywood doomsday scenario, the infamous Coronavirus alias Covid-19 but not all were hoodwinked in fear for criminal enterprises capitalized on the pandemic. 

Some coldly honest person once said ‘war is an opportunity for profit’! Some terrible opportunists have equally seized the chance to profit from the global pandemic.  

Criminals have exploited the pandemic, says the Europol 2020 report, as governments relaxed controls to speed up healthcare and social protection and as companies increased system integrations. 

As organizations and governments are increasing and allowing ever so much system integrations to reduce physical contact, criminals have used the COVID-19 crisis to distribute various malware and to hack into otherwise very secure systems.  

“Cybercriminals are also likely to seek to exploit an increasing number of attack vectors as a greater number of