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City streets in Pretoria/Funds for Africa's infrastructure

A total of six banks from the Middle East and Asia have raised a combined $625 million in syndicated loan to finance Africa’s infrastructure under the African Finance Corporation (AFC). 

Through the AFC, Gulf Bank, National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah, China CITIC Bank Corporation, Qatar National Bank, Doha Bank and Industrial Bank of Korea Limited joined the syndicate as first-time lenders throwing their weight behind the leading infrastructure solutions financier in Africa. …

Deal Source Africa
  • Deal Source Africa connects African businesses online with investors, transaction advisors and Impact Funds.
  • Experienced transaction advisors will link with businesses to provide professional support along their fundraising journey.
  • During the pilot phase, the program enabled 94 businesses to connect with 18 investors in deal rooms. 

A new programme seeking to connect African businesses online with investors, transaction advisors and Impact Funds has been unveiled in Ghana at the West Africa Deal summit. The programme, Deal Source Africa, comprises a digital platform that connects investors with businesses, in-person and virtual deal rooms where businesses can meet investors.

Deal Source Africa seeks to bridge the $331 billion funding gap for African SMEs. Top on target will be SMEs with high growth potential and offering solutions that help meet their business needs.

It also includes Impact Fund showcases where investors can meet African venture funds and other local capital providers.

Deal Source

AIM Global 2023.
  • Global NPL and distressed assets present a promising opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.
  • A forum at the Annual Investment Meeting explored how rising interest rates are creating opportunities for distressed debt investors. 
  • Key speakers discussed the different asset classes, including real estate, corporate, and consumer debt.

Investors have been urged to capitalise on investing in distressed assets and non-performing loans to grow their portfolios. According to experts at the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), non-performing loan (NPL) investing is becoming a popular strategy for investors seeking high returns.

The conference, which was held in two panels examined the current global economic environment and how rising interest rates are creating opportunities for distressed debt investors. 

According to Harvard Business School, distressed debt investing is the process of investing capital in the existing debt of a financially distressed company, government, or public entity. 

Why having partners is a must


Monetary and fiscal policy are two powerful tools that governments use to steer economies.

Countries must continue to work to mitigate their vulnerabilities over time. This involves minimizing balance-sheet misalignments, establishing money and foreign exchange markets, and lowering exchange rate passthrough by increasing monetary policy credibility.

However, in the short term—while vulnerabilities remain high—the use of extra instruments may assist relieve short-term policy trade-offs when certain shocks occur. In particular, foreign exchange intervention, macroprudential policy measures, and capital flow controls may help increase monetary and fiscal policy autonomy, promote financial and price stability, and minimize output volatility if reserves are enough and these instruments are available.…

The 2022 Tanzania Foreign Exchange Regulations will have implications on Traders and investors not only in Tanzania but also the EAC.

These foreign exchange controls and restrictions will pose challenges for international businesses and foreign investors in Tanzania.

When introducing approvals and making them necessary for just about every kind of transaction, foreign exchange restrictions add a level of complexity to investors’ business model and implementation strategy.

The Tanzania Foreign Exchange Regulations require authorisations and justifications for several areas including exporting, importing or simply where a non-resident is directly investing in Tanzania.

While there could be a problem with income being paid outside of Tanzania for activities that are taking place in Tanzania, putting foreign exchange controls rarely constitutes the answer to encourage investors to keep their funds in the country.…

The affordable housing sector in Kenya is well set to provide attractive opportunities to investors.

This is according to Vivian Ombwayo, Director of Research and Valuation at Broll Kenya who said this will be driven by the government’s investment in the 2021-22 national budget into the sector, combined with attractive incentives for private developers.

Commenting on the same, Jess Cleland, COO Outside of SA, Valuations & Intel at Broll said the affordable housing sector in Kenya offers developers an opportunity to diversify their portfolios, especially those concentrating on the commercial-user space.

“It means they are able to diversify into the residential sector, thanks to attractive government incentives,” he added.

Vivian and Cleland spoke when they presented a research report on the sector at the eighth annual East Africa Property Investment (EAPI) Summit.

The experts added that the abundant housing opportunities in Kenya also allow complementary users to be included in …

Gender Parity in Business - The Exchange


The 8th Angel Fair Africa (AFA) will be held on 5th November 2020 in which the selected Africa tech ventures will pitch before a room of female and male investors.

The event gives entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their ideas to a host of investors from various sectors of the economy. This year’s AFA will be held virtually and it is only rightly so since the event is themed “The bold new normal in the new normal” doing deals in a virtual environment.

Having already amassed and distributed capital in the excess of USD 23 million in just 7 years since its inception in 2013, Angel Fair Africa has quickly gained popularity. The shortlisted finalists have been selected from various leading partners such as Google, Impact Hub Dakar, CTIC Dakar, MEST Africa, StartupBootcamp Africa, Viable, Adei Institute and iHub.

With emphasis on gender balance in its representation of …