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Kenya's job market showcases huge gaps between skills and job needs

There is a widened gap between the skills possessed by youth entering the workforce and the current and emerging needs in Kenya’s job market today. This is according to the ‘Job Entry-Level Skills: Seizing the Moment, Securing the Future’ report by Aga Khan University’s East Africa Institute.

The study, which was conducted in 24 counties and interviewed over 9,000 people – employers and employees, found that the service sector in Kenya is growing fast, far outpacing manufacturing and agriculture which have in the past been perceived to be offering most of the level entry opportunities to Kenyan youth.

The report, however, shows that while youth leaving tertiary institutions and universities may have technical skills, they lack the soft skills that are critical to the operations of the service sector, causing a mismatch between education and the job market.

“Given the distribution of jobs and the skills that employers and youth …

Kenya's BrighterMonday to use algorithm to pick best candidates

With the ever-increasing need to provide job seekers that are qualified for a specific job, Kenya’s talent recruitment agency BrighterMonday has introduced a new product called ‘Best Match’. Research has shown that there exists a disconnect between job seekers with their skills and the job market keen to bridge skilled labour space.

The product is designed to make the process of finding the best candidates more efficient for human resource professionals, business heads and entrepreneurs looking to hire quality talent.

According to BrighterMonday CEO Emmanuel Mutuma, with increasing market dynamics and competitive job markets, Best Match was designed to cater to growing organizations with limited access to niche talent, those with mass recruitment needs as well as organizations that were not savvy enough to use digital recruitment solutions.

“Employers who use the Best Match product will get up to 10 best matches within the first 7 days of their job …