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Africa's greatest transportation corridor
  • President Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan is leading Tanzania to become Africa’s greatest transportation corridor. 
  • The comprehensive transportation developments in Tanzania are strategically designed to boost economic growth, enhance regional trade, and foster regional integration.
  • Tanzania faces challenges in financing and meeting construction timelines for its ambitious projects.

In the heart of East Africa, a remarkable transformation is unfolding. Led by President Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan, Tanzania is emerging as a formidable economic powerhouse on the continent. Under her stewardship, the nation strategically harnesses its geographic location and embarks on ambitious infrastructure projects that promise to redefine its role regionally and globally.

With a visionary approach, President Suluhu Hassan is steering Tanzania towards becoming Africa’s most significant transportation corridor. This transformation is anchored in large-scale investments in transportation infrastructure, encompassing rail, road, air, and sea connectivity. These initiatives reflect an acute understanding of the pivotal role that efficient, modern transportation systems …

Greenfield Terminal JKIA

Launched as a cornerstone of Vision 2030, Jomo Kenya International Airport’s (JKIA) Terminal 3 project, dubbed the “Greenfield Terminal”, had initially set hopes high. With a projected cost of US$650 million, the project aimed to augment the airport’s capacity by 20 million passengers. However, this dream was short-lived as the project, which commenced in 2014, abruptly stopped two years later.…

President Samia Suluhu Hassan with US VP Kamala Harris. Suluhu Hassan’s visit to the US has brought the countries closer to implementing the Open Skies Air Transport Agreement.

During the meeting, the two discussed several regional and global issues of concern. The Vice President emphasized the importance of the world standing together in support of international rules and norms, including the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations.

The most outstanding issue, though, is the Open Skies Air Transport Agreement.

Suluhu and Harris said they are looking forward to the entry into force of the agreement, which establishes a modern civil aviation relationship between the United States and Tanzania. They agreed that the agreement coming into force will promote increased travel and trade which will help spur economic growth between the two countries.

The US government notes that expanded travel and trade, improved productivity, more employment and economic growth have all been a result of the Open Skies accords, which have boosted the number of international passenger and cargo flights between the United States and other countries.…