Suluhu closer to bagging Open Skies Air Transport Agreement with US

  • Tanzania President Samia Suluhu Hassan has met with Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington
  • President Suluhu Hassan has expressed optimism at even stronger relations with the United States
  • Suluhu and Harris said they are looking forward to the entry into force of the Open Skies Air Transport Agreement

Tanzania President Samia Suluhu Hassan has met with Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington where she has expressed optimism about even stronger relations with the United States.

At the media briefing appearance by the two leaders, Suluhu Hassan hailed the United States’ participation in the economic development of Tanzania through initiatives like the Presidential Malaria Initiative, PEPFAR, Feed for Future — or Feed the Future for food security among others.

During the meeting, the two discussed several regional and global issues of concern. The Vice President emphasized the importance of the world standing together in support of international rules and norms, including the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations.

The most outstanding issue, though, is the Open Skies Air Transport Agreement.

Tanzania President Samia Suluhu when she left for the United States on a two-week visit. Tanzania’s Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) sector is ripe for East Africa’s LNG investments. [Photo/ Tanzania Updates/Twitter]
President Suluhu Hassan and VP Harris said they are looking forward to the entry into force of the agreement, which establishes a modern civil aviation relationship between the United States and the East African nation. They agreed that the agreement coming into force will promote increased travel and trade which will help spur economic growth between the two countries.

The US government notes that expanded travel and trade, improved productivity, more employment and economic growth have all been a result of the Open Skies accords, which have boosted the number of international passenger and cargo flights between the United States and other countries.

Open skies deals allow air carriers to set their own prices and itineraries without intervention from the government. This enables them to offer more economical, convenient and efficient service to their customers.

As a result of the United States’ Open Skies policy, airlines around the world have become more competitive.

More than 100 partners all over the world and at all economic levels have helped the United States achieve Open Skies.

On other matters, the two also discussed broader global health security and global health issues, including supporting women and children’s health.

Harris underscored that the Biden-Harris Administration is committed to strengthening ties with Tanzania and with countries across Africa, based on the principles of mutual respect and equality.

She welcomed President Suluhu Hassan’s efforts to strengthen democracy and human rights in Tanzania. They reviewed a number of areas of bilateral cooperation including health, agriculture, and infrastructure.

The Vice President underscored the importance of the economic and commercial partnership between Tanzania and the US and discussed recent reforms and others needed to further strengthen our investment relationship.

They also welcomed nearly US$1 billion of new investments by US companies in Tanzania in the tourism, conservation and clean energy sectors.

The official visit by President Suluhu Hassan to the United States is part of a promotional trip that includes the premiere of a new documentary, “The Royal Tour,” in New York City on April 18.

Vice President Phillip Mpango saw off the President from Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere International Airport on Wednesday, April 13.

Tanzania President Samia Suluhu (R) and US Vice President Kamala Harris. The two have met in Washington. [Photo/Vogue/ONE]
No details about President Suluhu Hassan’s travel plans while in the United States were given apart from attending the documentary premiere.

Filmed in Tanzania, the documentary will promote Tanzania’s tourist attractions to a global audience in the hopes of restoring the country’s tourism economy after the Covid-19 pandemic devastated it.

The Royal Tour will premiere in New York City on April 18, Los Angeles on April 21, Dar es Salaam on April 28, and finally Zanzibar on April 30.

As a member of the American film crew, President Suluhu Hassan visited a number of the country’s most popular tourist attractions when the documentary was being shot last year. Among the most memorable is when she drove a tour van in one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions.

On other matters, Suluhu Hassan said that Tanzania has achieved great strides in the areas of human rights and rule of law and democracy and that they are determined to take purposeful measures to ensure inclusion and cooperation among all Tanzanians as well as unity and respect.

President Suluhu Hassan added that the political parties and stakeholders organised meetings to discuss collective and constructive ways of running political activities in Tanzania and protecting the country’s interests.

On the prospects for increasing mutually beneficial trade and investment, she called for the establishment of an environment that makes it simple to conduct business. Her government, she said, has created a more hospitable atmosphere for the private sector to flourish in conjunction with the private sector.

She called on investors from the United States to collaborate with Tanzanians more frequently saying there are many options on the table.

In addition, the government is working with the private sector to establish the Tanzania Investment Act, which is expected to set the tone for the creation of secure lending for investors. The Tanzania Investment Act will help the private sector thrive in Tanzania.

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