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Reliable and affordable telecom services have never been more vital to our national economic and social resilience.

That is why, across Africa and throughout the globe, national leaders and policymakers are prioritising the preservation of satellite broadband access – and why South Africa needs to keep pace with the rest of the world on this critical issue.

The technical details are relatively simple: the most widely useful and applicable satellite services are provided using the Ka-band, also known more widely as the “28 GHz band”.

What kind of useful services?

  • Reducing “digital deserts” by bringing broadband internet connectivity to unserved and underserved communities.
  • Ensuring near-ubiquitous access and vastly improved quality across the most densely populated urban areas. Among other benefits, the 28 GHz band lets satellite operators deliver the capability to pinpoint configurations of access when demand is at its peak.
  • Reducing constraints on access by delivering a wider range