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Loucas Pouroulis The Reticent Platinum King Pin
  • Platinum mining is where Loucas Pouroulis, the chairman of mining outfit Tharisa PLC made and then lost money and then made it again in South Africa. He is looking to make another fortune digging for platinum on the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe
  • A look at the rise, fall and rise again of storied platinum mining entrepreneur Loucas Pouroulis.
  • Tharisa PLC and Karo Mining Holdings, both Loucas Pourolis backed vehicles are the latest companies to venture into Zimbabwe’s rich Great Dyke platinum field
  • Platinum mining is where Loucas Pouroulis and his family have made their wealth however the same mining sector nearly ruined his career 35 years ago
  • Tharisa PLC through Karo Mining Holdings is developing a 150,000 platinum ounces a year project in Zimbabwe on the Great Dyke

Loucas Pourolis, the South African Greek-born mining entrepreneur knows a thing or two about rising from the obscurity of humble beginnings to