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The agency also asked people to stay away from the missing monkeys and immediately call 911 whenever they saw any of them.

Animal rights activists in the US heavily criticized the crash. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and an animal rights group contacted Kenya Airways chief executive, Allan Kilavuka, and the chairman, Michael Joseph, showing dissatisfaction over the treatment of monkeys.

PETA prompted KQ to reconsider subjecting the monkeys to long flights and immediately taking them to laboratories for experiments because that could cause them torture and even lead to their death.

The government of Kenya’s involvement has borne fruit. This Christmas week, KQ has increased the frequency of flights to the United States from two to four a week.

Bookings have picked up and the cost of a one-way ticket has risen from US$ 900 (KSh90,000) to US$10,00 (KSh101,305). This comes as a relief to the Kenya Airways Chairman, Michael Joseph, who had earlier said in an interview with a local station in Kenya last year that the pandemic would continue to affect demand for air travel for the next two to three years.

The airline said they had increased the number of direct flights to New York to enable families to reconnect and unite during this festive season.

KQ has also increased the number of flights to Dar es Salaam and Entebbe from 14 to 16 while Kinshasa has seen an increase from 5 to 8.
Some Western countries like the UK and the US have issued travel advisories to their citizens, against travelling to Ethiopia.
The British Embassy has advised its citizens to leave Ethiopia while commercial flight opportunities are still available. The European nation has said that leaving Ethiopia may be difficult or even impossible in the coming days.