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President Ruto
  • US Congress members ask Speaker Mike Johnson to invite President Ruto to address the assembly.
  • President Ruto will be visiting the US on May 23 to mark 60 years of US-Kenya diplomatic ties.
  • If invited, President Ruto would become the first Kenyan Head of State to address a joint session of US Congress.

In a historic plan highlighting the deepening ties between the United States and Kenya, House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Michael McCaul (Republican – Texas) and Ranking Member Gregory Meeks (Democrat – New York) have jointly sent a letter to Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (Republican – Los Angeles, asking him to extend a formal invitation to President William Ruto of Kenya to address a joint session of Congress during his upcoming visit to the US, slated later in May.

“This year, we are celebrating the historic 60-year anniversary of the U.S.-Kenya diplomatic relationship. Such an invitation …

Kenya at COP28 | President William Ruto
  • President William Ruto will lead Kenya at COP28 to showcase the country’s ambitious climate change strategy and advocate for sustainable development and climate resilience in Africa.
  • Kenya is pioneering clean energy solutions, notably through biodigesters, which convert organic waste into biogas and organic fertilizer, aligning with the nation’s agricultural profile and enhancing energy independence.
  • At COP28, Kenya aims to inspire global action and demonstrate that sustainable development is achievable in emerging economies, contributing significantly to the global climate change dialogue.

As the world convenes in Dubai for COP28, a significant spotlight falls on Kenya. Under President Ruto’s leadership, Kenya goes to this global summit not merely as a participant but as a catalyst for Africa in bridging climate dialogue and action.

At the heart of these discussions lies the country’s ambitious strategy to combat climate change, an approach intrinsically linked to the broader global efforts to mitigate environmental risks and …

Climate Funding

A considerable gap exists between symbol and substance regarding an African climate change approach. Foreign leaders often nod to how Africa accounts for only four per cent of global emissions but bears the brunt of the devastating climate change effects. Rising temperatures, extreme weather conditions, and ecosystem disruptions threaten millions of Africans’ livelihoods.

For many communities across the continent, the climate threat is already existential. With 18 per cent of the global population, Africa has 16 of the 20 countries most vulnerable to climate change, according to Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative.…

Record-high oil prices in Kenya

For many Kenyans, life was unbearable during former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reign. But just one year after President William Ruto came to power, life is getting more onerous. High taxation, the depreciation of the shilling against the dollar, and record-high fuel prices have highlighted the last few months. This has painted a grim picture of Kenya’s future and shattered citizens’ hopes for economic reinvigoration.
On September 14, 2023, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) announced record-high fuel prices for the September-October regulation cycle. A litre of super will now retail at Kes 211.64, diesel at Kes 200.90, and Kerosene at Kes 202.61. This represents an increase of Kes 16.96, 21.32, and 33.13, respectively, in the new prices announced last midnight.…

Budget Kenya FY2023/24
  • The government of Kenya is deploying measures to protect local industries from the onslaught of cheap imports.
  • Kenya’s $26.4 billion FY2023/24 budget is an increase from $23.6 billion plan for the fiscal year ending June 30.
  • The country is, however, facing high inflation, ballooning debt, and a high rate of joblessness.

President William Ruto’s first $26.4 billion budget for the FY2023/24 starting July 1st seeks to boost job creation, power growth of industries, and reduce borrowing.

Kenya’s $26.4 billion FY2023/24 budget is an increase from the $23.6 billion plan for the fiscal year ending June 30. East Africa’s economic powerhouse, Kenya, continues to struggle with growing inflation, skyrocketing debt, and a high unemployment rate.

Job creation targets Kenya’s youth

The lack of enough jobs is disproportionately affecting the country’s young people. The economy is also struggling from the impact of external shocks. For instance, Kenya is hurting from the Russia-Ukraine …

Non-performing loans

On 15 May, President William Ruto nominated Kamau Thugge as the new governor of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). If the Senate and the National Assembly ratify the appointment, Thugge will begin his first term as the CBK governor in mid-June. He will replace the incumbent Patrick Njoroge who assumed office as CBK governor in 2015.

The nomination of Thugge comes at a pivotal time for the Kenyan economy. Kenya’s inflation remains high at almost 8 per cent. The Kenyan shilling has also hit all-time lows against the US dollar. Thus, the monetary policies from the CBK will most likely come in handy in the coming months. But what makes Thugge the perfect fit for the crucial role of Kenya’s top banker?…

IMF approves US$447.39 million loan to Kenya
  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Executive Board has authorised a Sh55.1 billion (US$447.39 million) loan to Kenya
  • Kenya has received a total of around $US1.655 billion (Sh203.84 billion) in payments under the EFF/ECF accords
  • IMF stated that Kenya’s economy is solid and expects it to expand by 5.3% 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Executive Board has authorised a Sh55.1 billion (US$447.39 million) loan to Kenya for budgetary support.

This follows the fourth evaluation of the 38-month, $US2.34 billion (Sh288 billion) Extended Credit Facility (ECF) and Extended Fund Facility (EFF) agreements with Kenya.

Kenya has now received $US1.655 billion (Sh203.84 billion) in payments under the EFF/ECF accords.

The facility, approved in April 2021, was aimed at helping Kenya manage its debt risks, respond to the Covid-19 pandemic and other global shocks, improve governance, and implement more extensive economic reforms.

IMF confidence in Kenya’s economy

Despite a challenging global economy, the IMF

African Trade

As far as where to put money is concerned, Kenya has numerous investment sectors with tremendous potential. The prospective stability and economic recovery expected under the new administration will no doubt make way for the realization of huge money investments in the countries.…