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kenya wintnesing the fastest increase in house prices in 11 years

After years of falling behind equities and fixed income in terms of the rewards they offered to investors, real estate has once again returned to the top end of returns offered by asset classes in the country, thanks to a price appreciation of 10.5% and an appreciation of 2.4% in rental yields over the same period.

Investors in government securities, which account for the vast majority of fixed income assets in the country, have been offered interest rates ranging from 7.2% to 14% across the spectrum of tenors, even though the All Share Index on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) has decreased by 16% so far this year.

“The net result of the rising rents and property values is an increase in overall property returns of 16.26% annually. These returns outperform other asset groups and provide safer inflation hedges,” added Ms Hassanali.…

Kenya’s construction industry is projected to grow by up to 3.9 percent this year, according to a new report by the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK).

The report, dubbed Status of the Built Environment report, AAK however cautions that the growth can only happen if there is no repeat of the strict lock down that were implemented in the country last year after the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic.

The report says growth will be driven by several factors among them a sharp recovery in output levels compared to periods when works were not permitted or were severely restricted in 2020.

“In 2021, the construction industry is expected to improve, assuming a slowdown in COVID-19 cases and recovery in the global economy,” the report notes.

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The report notes that the second quarter of the year, for …

In filling Nairobi’s many top-end residential estates, the flight of international residents is now being felt in the real estate, a report has revealed.

According to the report released by Hass Consult, economic growth and consumer demand have also affected tax revenue growth and donor funding during the decade-long ‘great recession’ that has followed.

“This steady attrition in numbers was accelerated last year in the new government drive curbing work permits. This triggered a new uptick in international departures, which by the first quarter of 2019 had resulted in significant falls in the sales prices and rents of top-end detached houses, which fell by 4.4 per cent and 4 per cent respectively in the first 12 weeks of the year,” said Sakina Hassanali, Hass Consult’s Head of Development, Consulting and Research.

According to Ms Sakina, the firm foresees some continued downwards pressure in this segment until the international economy …