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visa-free entry policy in Kenya
  • President William Ruto’s announcement of Kenya’s visa-free entry policy for all visitors starting January 2024 marks a paradigm shift in the region’s economic and social landscape.
  • The policy is expected to boost Kenya’s economy by attracting more tourists and business travellers, thus increasing revenue and foreign exchange.
  • Addressing the accompanying challenges will be crucial to ensuring the policy’s success and sustainable growth in the region.

Kenya, a country known for its rich wildlife, vibrant culture, and dynamic economy, is poised to make a significant leap in becoming a hub for investors and business in East Africa. President William Ruto’s announcement of Kenya’s visa-free entry policy for all visitors starting January 2024 marks a paradigm shift in the region’s economic and social landscape. As the visa-free entry date nears, it is important to explore how Kenya is set to redefine the dynamics of business and investment in East Africa.

Overview of

tourist arrivals

International tourist arrivals grew 32 per cent in the half-year to June, closing at 847,810 as Kenya’s tourism sector growth continued post-Covid-19. This was up from 642,861 arrivals recorded in the same period last year, as official data from the Ministry of Tourism indicates.
The performance represents a 92 per cent recovery compared to the same period in 2019. The increased numbers came with higher earnings for the country and the sector.…

Kenya set for revival with President Ruto's bottom-up economic model.

The new administration under President William Ruto, is striving to set the economy in the right tempo having inherited a heavily indebted government.

Through debt restructuring among other key economic reforms, Ruto’s administration is committed to quell inflation and create a thriving economy for all Kenyans.

The recently published East Africa Economic Outlook report, indicates that Kenya is among the countries in the region that could face rising risks of debt distress, thus widening fiscal and current account deficits, largely due to structural weaknesses exacerbated by the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war.

According to the 2022 African Economic Outlook (AEO), by AfDB inflation is projected to edge up to 7 per cent, close to the upper end of the target band at 7.5 per cent, caused by greater energy and food inflation. The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), reported that the country's inflation rate as of October 2022 stood…

hotels nairobi mombasa

A new report by the Central Bank of Kenya has revealed that bed occupancy in some Kenyan hotels increased to 30 percent in June and July, respectively, from 19 percent in April.

Bed occupancy in hotels in Nairobi and Mombasa counties improved in July, while the occupancy in the rest of the country declined.

The occupancy levels in hotels in Nairobi and Nakuru counties were boosted by the World Rally championship in June.

The report noted that hotels in Nakuru County reported that they were fully booked during this event.

In addition, the end of financial year expenditure by the national and county governments boosted hotels operations in the rest of the country in June.

Hotels in Mombasa reported improved business in July 2021, mainly attributed to the July school holiday and the high season for tourists.

Consistent with the improved level of bed occupancy, the utilization of restaurant services …

The African Union has lauded Kenya’s move to to adopt the Africa CDC Trusted Travel platform for Managing travels through the Covid -19 Pandemic.

This follows the announcement by Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe of the adoption of the platform, making Kenya the first country to take it up.

“The ministry has collaborated with the African Union and Africa CDC, with technical support from PanaBios to implement an online system to authenticate and verify laboratory test certificates for travelers,”  Kagwe noted.

The move is set to ease movement of people by  simplifying verification of public health documentation of travelers during entry and exit across borders.

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The portal’s key features include information about the latest travel restrictions, and entry requirements, a database of authorized laboratories and vaccination compliance information, as well as Africa CDC mutual recognition protocol for Covid-19 testing and test results …