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The EU insists that it has not put sanctions on Russia's food and fertilizer export, yet the global supply of much-needed fertilizer is extremely short, is Russia hoarding fertilizer supplies? Photo/Siasat
  • EU insists it has not put sanctions on food and fertilizers from Russia
  • Malawi receives the first consignment of 20,000 tonnes of Russian fertilizers
  • The EU, UN might consider releasing more fertilizers and food embargoed at European ports to Africa

The EU insists that food and fertilizer are not part of the sanctions it has imposed on Russia due to the ongoing conflict with Ukraine, yet the global supply of much-needed fertilizer is in short supply which begs the question; is Russia hoarding fertiliser supplies?

While the EU says it is not to blame, Russia says it is the Western sanctions that are causing the decrease in fertilizer exports. It only makes sense that Russia would hold back fertilizers to increase its own domestic food production in the face of future uncertainties in the still very volatile situation.

The sanctions on other sectors of Russia’s economy are spiralling to the …

Africans flying a Russian flag in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, in January. The US is forcing Africa to support it for its Russia attacks but the continent remains uncommitted.

Again, the blatant abuse of, and racism against Africans in Ukraine is another knocker that will not see Africans get swayed easily since they feel they are still being treated like lesser humans.

For America and its allies to gain Africa’s support on any agenda they have, they have to do a lot more to convince Africans than they have had to prior to the covid-19 menace and the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

It is evident that the US, Europe and their allies do not care much for Africa. During the pandemic, the US, Europe and their allies hoarded vaccines and denied the continent the opportunity for equal and timely administration. This, however, was a blessing in disguise in that the vaccines have largely proven not to be effective. A win for Africa!

Since Russia’s operation started in Ukraine, a powerful alliance of friends has worked together to isolate the largest Slavic …