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  • Kenya and Uganda agree to add 2,746 kilometers to the SGR, increasing overall cost of the project to over $19.4 billion.
  • SGR extension is part of the larger $24.1 billion Lamu Port South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (Lapsset) plan.
  • Uganda will extend the SGR to its border with Rwanda, South Sudan, and the DRC.

Kenya and Uganda have jointly signed a communique on SGR extension financing, paving the way for an ambitious infrastructure project connecting the two economies. The initiative will guide the development of two significant railway projects, the Naivasha-Kisumu-Malaba and the Malaba-Kampala Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) links. Once the SGR extension financing is secured, the projects will be implemented in the respective countries.

The deal was formalized with the presence of Kenya’s Transport minister Kipchumba Murkomen and his Ugandan counterpart Edward Katumba-Wamala.

While Kenya has already signed commercial contracts for its SGR sections, Uganda is on track to finalize the …

The Kenya-US relations

President William Ruto’s election in August 2022 introduced an element of uncertainty in Kenya’s foreign policy landscape. While it is challenging to predict the exact trajectory, his past statements suggest a more pragmatic and balanced approach to international relations. While emphasizing the importance of regional integration and South-South cooperation, President Ruto has also acknowledged the significance of Kenya’s longstanding relationship with the United States. This nuanced stance implies that the government might not abandon the Look East Policy entirely but rather recalibrate to strike a more balanced approach between the East and the West.…