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Runoff election
  • The first round of election concluded with both candidates falling below the 50% threshold required for an outright victory.
  • Weah secured 43.83% of the vote, narrowly edging out Boakai, who garnered 43.44%.
  • Weah, a former soccer star, is facing the challenge of convincing voters to grant him a second term as he seeks to fulfill promises made during his first tenure.

Liberians are currently participating in a crucial runoff election, deciding between President George Weah and former Vice President Joseph Boakai. The initial round of elections concluded with both candidates in a tight race, falling below the 50 per cent threshold required for an outright victory.

Weah secured 43.83 per cent of the vote, slightly surpassing Boakai, who garnered 43.44 per cent. This narrow margin has heightened expectations for a closely contested second round, emphasizing the significance of this electoral face-off. Weah, aged 57, rose to international prominence as …

African Americans to boost growth of the African economy.

There are two types of businesses that African Americans attempt to boost Africa’s economy and create income.

Businesses seeking to venture into importation and exportation and set-ups creating and investing in production manufacturing in Africa.

Rosa Whitaker, the first assistant United States trade representative for Africa, says that there is so much synergy between Africa and African American business because the region is growing in the areas where African American firms are competitive.

African American companies made a gross profit of about US21.8 billion in the industrial sector in 2013. There is a higher potential for the companies in Africa where consumerism and competitive states are favourable.…

Shelter Afrique HQ Drone Image

African Ministers and Heads of Delegation of Ministries in charge of Housing and Urban Development, African Finance Ministers, the Directors and Management of Shelter Afrique, and representatives of international, regional and national institutions, the private sector and civil society, have agreed to enhance mechanisms for the mass production of decent and affordable housing in the continent to achieve social and economic development.

During a three-day summit at the 40th Annual General Assembly of shelter-Afrique that was held in Yaunde Cameroon, the participants resolved to address the challenges that have hindered the efforts to provide decent and affordable housing in Africa.

In a research concluded by the Shelter-Afrique, a pan African housing finance and development institution, shows that the overall shortage of housing in Africa is estimated at 56 million housing units with out of this, more than 90 per cent are in affordable housing bracket.

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The Managing Director …


As part of your positive reinforcement regimen, you have probably bought junior that tasty chocolate biscuit that he loves so much or the packaged ice cream that has him agreeing to anything you say. Did you know almost all snacks are made using the most popular vegetable oil in the World, Palm Oil?

Palm oil is used in the preparation of most processed foods from biscuits to chips to instant noodles. It is also used in the manufacturing of soap and cosmetics, and with the exponential increase in population, global demand for these products has equally put pressure on the demand for palm oil.

While palm oil is indigenous to West Africa, now the continent is losing almost 7.5 million acres of land to palm oil companies. Communities are been displaced and forests are been destroyed to make room for the coveted palm tree.

“In the past decade, West Africa …

Solar Plant

Liberia, Africa’s oldest republic has been endowed by abundant renewable energy that could enhance power generation, and African Development Bank (AfDB) just approved a $34.74 million grant and loan to boost renewable energy access as well as investment in the country.

According to AfDB statement, during the first project (Renewable Energy for Electrification in Liberia) over $ 33 million—in grant from AfDB and strategic climate fund scaling-up renewable energy program, will be targeted at supporting renewable energy sector.

Further, the approved funds will go towards construction of a mini dam on the St. John River in Nimba County in northeastern Liberia and the development of the Gbedin hydropower Falls with a total capacity of 9.34 megawatts of power, to be transmitted through an 8 km, 33kV line connecting 7,000 households.

According to US Agency for International Development (USAID), Liberia has one of the lowest electricity access rates in the …

Air France to resume flights to Liberia in 2020

Air France is expected to resume flights to Liberia, five years after it took a decision to end its two weekly flights.

On Monday Liberian president, George Weah confirmed the imminent return of Air France flights to the country.

“I am excited to announce the return of Air France to Liberia. This is a testament of the measures we have put in place to promote a conducive business climate – wherein we can attract more businesses and investments to Liberia,” the president said on Twitter.

He also added that the move was an affirmation of deepening relations between the two countries and that “Liberia is open for business.”

Sam Wlue transport Minister also confirmed that Air France notified the Liberian government of its intention to resume its Liberia route after months of negotiations.

Mr Jean Luc Mévellec, the airline’s regional manager informed the minister that the Monrovia’s Roberts International …