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Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that the world is shifting from physical learning- in physical classrooms- to online learning, there still are numerous opportunities in providing infrastructure for learning to take place.

As has been the case in many African countries, there are rarely enough structures- classrooms and all- to cater to the schooling needs of the majority. As such, the government which has the land resources will need to expand and improve current structures to accommodate the evolving needs in education.…

When you are a small start up in Africa, you do not dream of getting listed on the London Stock Exchange, or shall we say, that is indeed all you dream of, and far fetched dream that is.

However, maybe not so far fetched, if you can achieve consistent annual growth and, keep your finances transparent.

While their business growth is a main factor to get them on the shortlist, however, to be listed in this report, the company must also show transparency in reporting its finances.

In its recent report, titled ‘Companies to Inspire Africa’ the London Stock Exchange Group listed a handful of companies and highlighted them as Africa’s top upcoming firms.

The report, which was produced in partnership with the African Development Bank Group among other stakeholders, describes these companies as the inspiration of Africa’s future and that they are leading the way to an Africa of …

Kenya is the barometer for what is happening or likely to take root in East Africa since the country tends to set the pace on matters development.

When it comes to land prices in East Africa, Kenya tops the list of the most expensive land rivalling even properties in some affluent areas of Johannesburg, London and New York.

In the last quarter of 2019, land prices in Kenya continued on their upward trend with properties in the suburbs increasing by 1.69 per cent over the year while satellite towns saw prices increase by 6.93 over the same period.

African economies must diversify, value add for quick recovery

In a report by Hass Consult, Kitengela which is just an hour from Nairobi city centre saw the highest land price increase recording a 10.71 per cent hike while Ongata Rongai led on a quarterly basis at 4.56 per cent.

The plush Spring…