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A laser machine in a factory. Companies are setting up factories in Africa to tap into the continent’s cheap labour and abundance of raw materials.

While China is not investing much in Africa’s manufacturing, there is a lot that is happening to boost the sector, an indirect benefit of its presence on the continent. 

After surpassing the US in 2009, China became Africa’s largest trading partner.  The Asian giant’s hegemony over the continent has ruffled feathers globally as hitherto allies and financial muscles become decrepit, unable to keep the investment pace by the Chinese.

For perspective, China’s trade with Africa has exploded.  From trade worth US$10 billion in 2000, the Chinese are now controlling an estimated US$208 billion, up from US$155 billion in 2017 according to the UN Comtrade.

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The South China Morning Post reported in January that China’s trade with Africa grew 2.2 per cent to hit the US$208 billion mark. 

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