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East Africa is home to some of the world’s largest camel populations.

Globally, camel milk is significantly more expensive in comparison to cow milk, owing to the twin factors of camel milk production being lower than cow milk and camel breeding costs which are also higher than that of cows. 

Camel milk can be marketed raw but can also be value-added through pasteurization, flavouring, making camel milk cheese, yoghurt, laban, ghee, ice cream, powder and infant formula among others. …

At a time when physical contact is discouraged due to spread of coronavirus, Tanzania’s little town of Kilimanjaro, has set up Automated Teller Machines (ATM) for the sale of milk. There is little human contact involved apart from the exchange of money making the machines a vital game changer in curbing spread of the virus.

The move has set a global precedence in the use of digital telecommunication for commercial purposes.  What stands out is the fact that the technology has not been set up in the bustling urban town of Dar es Salaam but rather on the outskirts in the small town.

“This is what technology is for…it not only for the urban centers, it should be used to make life easier in rural areas as well, and the set up of automated milk dispensers in rural Kilimanjaro is a good example,” says milk producer Ivan Mangesi.

Ivan is …