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Africa Entertainment Industry

Nothing soothes the African plains like heart-pumping beats and the melodious ethos of African instruments playing to cultural tunes intertwined with western influences of hip hop and RnB (Rhythm and Blues).

As Africa poses the world's youngest population, the continent is not short of excitement. The region has plenty of singers, dancers, musicians and beatmakers, all hungry to produce the continent's next hit. But it’s not just music that's driving the continent's entertainment industry.  

The billion-dollar business of entertainment spans across, television, cinema, radio, video games, e-sports, print and online publishing, book publishing, business-to-business, music, out-of-home, and virtual reality. 

Currently, only five countries are taking the lead in churning more revenue and putting talents out for the world to see as opposed to its other neighbours in Africa. Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania have taken a lead in Africa, leaving much of