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The battle for political and economic influence between the U.S. and China is playing out across Africa, and Beijing’s growing presence is troubling Western policymakers, experts say.

Africa has become the fastest urbanizing region on the planet, and China has placed itself at the infrastructural vanguard of the new frontier. Africa boasted seven of the 20 fastest growing economies in the world in 2017, according to the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

China is building and developing a naval army base in the west side of Djibouti City adored with razor wire-topped walls with in-built helipads, a dock large enough to fit aircraft carriers, and 2,000 troops alongside armored vehicles and gunboats.

This Naval military base was Opened in 2017, and it’s China’s first overseas military base but could soon be one of many located across Africa if those sounding the alarm in Washington are correct.

The Department of Defense in …