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A new survey has now shown that only 36 percent of Kenyan businesses are aware of privacy laws governing their marketing activities, despite Data Protection Act (DPA) being in effect since 2019.

The survey, conducted by WorldWideWorx and commissioned by global technology company Zoho, also revealed that even though businesses are concerned about the privacy of customer’s data in the hands of third-party vendors, they are reliant on them for revenue generation and gathering customer insights.

This makes it harder for them to move away.

According to WorldWideWorx CEO Arthur Goldstuck, the lack of awareness about the law is largely because these regulations are not part of business-critical activities like taxation and licensing.

However, 77 percent of the businesses indicated that they have well-documented policies for customer data protection, although only 56 percent are strictly applying them.

The survey indicates that businesses in Kenya consider themselves digitally advanced, with 28 …