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Kigamboni house, dege eco village, Affordable housing in Tanzania

In the modern world, affordable housing is becoming a complex issue for many people, especially in Africa. Across the region, rapid urbanization, which has boomed over the past decade, has made affordable, decent housing challenging precipitating the emergence of informal settlements. 

In the case of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, the commercial pulse of Tanzania, is struggling to develop cities that bring inclusive growth and job opportunities for people, the Kigamboni City Project tried by failed.. 

A December 2015 publication by the World Bank argued that Africa could have as many as 1.2 billion urban dwellers by 2050 and 4.5 million new residents in informal settlements each year, most of whom cannot afford basic formal housing or access mortgage loans.

The informal settlements or slums is particularly pronounced in big African cities. In 2020, 24.2 percent of the global urban population lived in slums. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the slum