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global fuel prices on the rise

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 threw oil and gas markets into disarray. Consequently, the world experienced the first real global energy crisis during the uneven economic recovery from the COVID-19 epidemic. Russia’s inclusion in the OPEC+ group has hampered international attempts to manage the situation. This has made it harder to handle the significant inflationary effects of rising global fuel prices, particularly in developing nations.

Global fuel prices have risen exponentially in the last few months. The rise is hugely significant, as it has seriously aggravated the global cost-of-living crisis. African economies have particularly been on the receiving end. The continent has suffered from disrupted supply chains and a slowdown in the global economic outlook. Thus, rising energy costs complicate matters even further.…

Green bond issuances promoting the use of renewables in Africa
  • PROPARCO and the IFC, are scaling up of renewable energy production in both Kenya and DRC. 
  • The two organisations will support Nuru, an early-stage company that provides decentralized and low-carbon power solutions in DRC. 
  • PROPARCO will invest in the first close of E3 Low Carbon Economy Fund I (LCEF), which based in Kenya.

Two renewable energy investments in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Kenya will receive financial backing to enhance their low-carbon power solutions.

The move comes after PROPARCO and IFC announced plans to support scale up of renewable energy in the two countries. PROPARCO and IFC are members of the Alliance for Entrepreneurship in Africa.

The two organizations declared support for Nuru, an early-stage startup that offers decentralized and low-carbon electricity solutions in the DRC, during the Paris summit for a new global funding agreement.

“Our support for Nuru, delivered with partners through the Alliance for Entrepreneurship …

crypto mining hub

An efficient crypto mining industry can generate more job opportunities in Africa as the demand for miners, blockchain specialists, and technology specialists increases, . This encourages nations to enhance their energy and technological capacities to support crypto operations. These enhancements can considerably benefit other industries and the economy as a whole.

African nations must embrace the chance to become a crypto mining hub. This can aid in the digital economy’s growth, citizens’ financial standing, and the infrastructure for energy production. Consequently, African governments can invest in cryptocurrencies to acquire alternative funding sources for developing renewable and alternative energy sources.…

Green Hydrogen, Solar Power, Renewable energy in Africa, Solar energy in Africa, European Investment Bank report
  • Green hydrogen is defined as hydrogen produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable electricity.
  • Green hydrogen is the future for Africa, especially in the wake of transitioning from old ways of energy production to modern systems featuring clean, renewable energies.
  • The conversation on clean and renewable energy has become interesting over the years as technology and finance in the sector grows.

Africa has the potential to produce $1.06 trillion worth of Green hydrogen energy, according to a European Investment Bank report dubbed ‘Africa’s Extraordinary Green Hydrogen Potential’.

Global demand for hydrogen is projected to rise seven fold by 2050, with Egypt, Kenya, Mauritania, Morocco, Namibia and South Africa primed to ride the demand for green energy.

Another report by Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance by 2050 asserts that green hydrogen could increase the GDP of the six nations by $126 billion, equivalent to 12 percent of their GDP.…

Mozambique gets grant to advance its renewable energy resources.

The support for the 2023-2028 period takes into account that Mozambique is indicated as at the same time one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change and one of the least developed.

Despite the riches of its subsoil, the initiative foresees studies for the production of green hydrogen in Mozambique, and the Belgian Development Agency will supply solar panels to remote areas without connection to the electricity grid.

The supply of potable water and irrigation solutions based on solar energy is also being planned, the statement adds.

Belgium will also support the implementation of a national programme for sustainable waste management, which includes the construction of recycling facilities in Nacala and Nampula, with additional support from the NAMA Facility, a multi-donor fund.…

Mike Teke South Africa's charismatic mining tycoon

The remainder of Anglo’s coal assets were demerged from the group and bundled into a new company called Thungela Resources Limited. This strategy in coal mining circles is called “mine to mouth” and is being continued by Seriti. Eskom, South Africa’s power utility, has an agreement where its thermal power stations are fed with coal from the company’s Kriel and New Largo mines. These mines are adjacent to the power stations.

Seriti Resources (the company’s name is from the native Sotho language and means integrity) was formed in 2017. Mike Teke, through his investment vehicle Masimong Holdings Group owns 25% of Seriti Resources.

The remainder of the shares in the energy company is owned by Sandile Zungu’s Zungu Investments Company, Thebe Investments Corporation, and Community Investment Holdings.…
  • CrossBoundary Energy has completed a US$40 million equity investment from Norfund and KLP
  • The deal will allow CrossBoundary Energy to further scale its investments in renewable energy solutions for commercial and industrial businesses across Africa
  • The $40M commitment is a continuation of Norfund’s and KLP’s earlier investments in the C&I sector and endorses the scale and maturity of the distributed generation sector in Africa

Renewable energy systems developer CrossBoundary Energy has completed a US$40 million equity investment from Norfund and KLP.

Norfund is the Norwegian Investment Fund for developing countries, while KLP is Norway’s largest pension company.

According to the partners, the commitment will allow CrossBoundary Energy to further scale its investments in renewable energy solutions for commercial and industrial businesses across Africa.

The $40M commitment is a continuation of Norfund and KLP’s earlier investments in the C&I sector and endorses the scale and maturity of the distributed generation sector …

Renewable energy outdoes oil, coal and gas in Foreign Direct Investment.
  • In 2020, the capital investment in the renewable energy sector was at US$8.72 billion, outshining oil and gas for the first time
  •  Despite the damage caused to the climate, gas and oil are at the core of the energy sector, which is concerning
  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) topped in the Middle East, attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) in renewable energy close to US$2.4 billion in 2020

One of the conclusions of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, which was held in Glasgow, Scotland, is that the climate change effect caused by fossil fuels on the earth might be irreversible by 2030.

The COP 26 conference emphasized the cutting down subsidies granted for coal and fossil fuels to low- and middle-income countries. However, there is no amicable consensus arrived on the above emphasis.

It appears that global financial firms are reluctant to curtail the direct and indirect financing of …

A phosphate mine. Morocco has more than 70 per cent of the world's phosphate rock supplies.

The agreement places a premium on the expansion of the collaboration, particularly in renewable energy. Additionally, collaboration opportunities will be discovered in the areas of energy efficiency, energy technology, the hydrogen economy, flexible energy systems, storage solutions, integration technologies, hydrogen and Power-to-X, and research and development. 

The two ministries will endeavor to expedite the formation of partnerships between bilateral agencies and businesses to execute cooperative initiatives in innovation, research, and development. Renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy systems are critical components of a prosperous society. Finland has established considerable expertise in these domains, and it makes sense to foster this practical cooperation with Morocco. …

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However, all efforts have been directed in that sector to try and make it greener and cleaner. Among consumers, a major shift is now being witnessed with most of the industries investing in clean energy sources that are both affordable and sustainable.

Such initiatives have made Kenya be rated among the top countries that are implementing their nationally determined contributions that seek to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the country by 32 per cent by 2030.

The latest industry to have made noted efforts to transit to clean Energy is Bamburi Cement Factory situated in Bamburi Mombasa.…