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Inequality in Africa

If the world is unfair was a fact, then this statement would establish the truth without a doubt as, “there are more than twenty-one hundred billionaires across the world who own more than half of the world’s wealth” — Oxfam. 

As the number of billionaires doubles over the last decade, Oxfam argues that the richest one per cent have piled up wealth twice as much as the world population. At this moment in history, inequality has worsened. 

World Economic Forum (WEF) pins socio-economic inequality to be more than unequal distribution of income,  but views it from a large lens, arguing, “it is critical to take into consideration multidimensional factors such as social mobility, gender equality, livelihood infrastructure, technology access, the voice of civil society, privacy, social and environmental protections, progressive tax laws and labour rights when examining how societies perform on reducing inequality and serving public interest.”  

With this reality