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Safaricom M-PESA
  • After over a decade since launching, Mpesa has 54.4 million users in Africa.
  • Safaricom has increased its Group Service Revenue by 5.2 percent to $2.159 billion, while the Group net income declined by 10.6 percent within Ethiopia.
  • Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia added close to 3 million customers.

Safaricom, one of Africa’s top telecommunication services in Africa, finally acquired a license to operate M-PESA within Ethiopia. This new milestone will open doors for the East African country by ushering in a new age of mobile money.

This new initiative is what the Ethiopian economy requires as it struggles to regain stability within its borders.

The power of Mobile Money provider M-PESA

M-PESA first debuted in 2007 and sent Africa into a wave of digital money before any government perceived digital transformation. Its primary mechanism allows users to send and receive currency by clicking a button. This new initiative ushered in a