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Africa's 5 Wealthiest Nations
  • Nigeria is mostly reliant on petrol but it is also a developing market, with expanding service, financial, technology industries, and communication
  • GDP can help investors make investment decisions because a weak economy frequently indicates lesser earnings and stock values
  • South Africa’s economy is well-diversified and it relies on a variety of sources for its stability

While there are a variety of approaches for comparing different countries’ wealth, one of the most effective is to examine the individual country’s gross domestic product, also known as GDP.

During a given period, the gross domestic product (GDP) of a country is the conventional metric of value-added via the production of goods and services in that country, as measured by the United Nations. The amount paid on finished goods and services, as well as the amount of income produced from that output, is included in this calculation (fewer imports).

The Gross Domestic Product …