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Venture Capital Market in Africa experiencing a funding plateau

As a form of private equity funding, venture capital finance African startups at the nascent stage. Money is given to firms with significant growth and revenue creation potential. Across economies, VC firms are critical drivers of growth and development in Africa. They drive job creation and innovation and finance the rollout of new products and technologies.…

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Breaking the Bias: Women inclusion key to unlocking profits in Africa’s e-commerce.
  • E-commerce is a key component of the fourth industrial revolution and Africa is poised to become the world’s next big online retail frontier
  • Significant players like Konga, Jumia and Takealot are putting the continent on the global map, attracting pools of investors,
  • Statistics indicate that there are about 264 e-commerce start-ups that are operational across the continent, active in at least 23 countries; with a potential to create an estimated 3 million jobs by 2025

The rapid mushrooming and proliferation of E-Commerce Startups in Africa is a distinct bellwether that the industry is steadily flourishing like a green bay tree; making for a powerful development driver in the African economy.
E-commerce is a key component of the fourth industrial revolution and Africa is poised to become the world’s next big online retail frontier; with markets swiftly moving to embrace this revolution in full throttle, looking to build on the momentum…

Angel Fair Africa - The Exchange

Forty-three leading global investors from Africa, Europe, the US, and the Middle East have signed up to participate virtually in the 8th Angel Fair Africa on 5th November 2020.

The investors are from Angel Africa List (AAL), Africa Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (AVCA), America Capital Association (ACA), Women-In-Capital (WIC), Viktoria Business Angel Network, Brightmore Capital, amongst others. Anime Partners and MSM Property Fund are supporting the investor participation.

The ten selected ventures to pitch to these investors have gone through our one-month Africa Virtual Accelerator (AVA) @ They are, ShopMeAway led by Racine Carr; Kalpay led by Ibrahima Kane; AgroInnova led by Amos Narh; Adi&Bolga led by Abimbola Oladeji; Kladika led by Muthoni Mwangi; Gift Pesa led by Pamela Muriuki; Ejoobi led by Simangele Mphahlele; Kweza led by Ropafadzo Musvaire, Afrijob Network led by Harriet Kariuki and Curacel led by Henry Mascot. Their participation …

Education in Tanzania has been gaining crucial technological changes over the past decades. The government of Tanzania has acknowledged the role of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in stimulating effective learning in the modern era, via its frameworks—communicated in the Education and Training Policy of 1995, and the national ICT policy of 2016 that both embody education technology in their own manner.

In this context, Tanzania’s innovation landscape is getting better as more young people take the helm to create solutions. In this case—MyElimu and Mtabe apps, which are customized education technology (platforms) offering seamless learning materials to secondary students across Tanzania via mobile phones are gaining traction.

The communication landscape in Tanzania is growing, and numbers show this growth could turn to be a gold mine for innovative solutions such as MyElimu.

According to information from Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA), internet penetration moved up from 40 per cent in…

Modern technology could be the most pristine breakthrough the human race has ever achieved, as more noble solutions come to light each day proving that—decent forms of labour can be attained if the digital economy wages its fair share of war into the sector, and Tanzania is the exemplary figure in this labour-related case.

Huduma Smart is not an ordinary startup.  It is a young, female-led enterprise that trains domestic workers and provides a job market for them via a tailored website, where employers can recruit workers of their choice per qualifications they desired and acceptability of a worker. More importantly, the startup provides health insurance and contracts to workers, among other necessities, to make their jobs respectable, a global missing recipe in the labour section.

The domestic labour landscape

It has been a custom for most average families and most of the middle-income households to require services from housemaids,…