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A trader in East Africa. A proper economic renaissance in Africa is pegged on continent's youthful population, creativity and the end of colonial-era politicians.

With the reliance on imports, the little manufacturing activity in Sub-Saharan Africa disappeared as did the traditional path to development and reduction of poverty up until 2000. Textile mills, leather tanneries, ceramics factories and other manufacturing sectors were all casualties in Kano, Nigeria’s largest city. In Ethiopia, industrial parks were deserted, while South Africa’s shoe industry collapsed.

But there is a resurgence with the pattern shifting all across the continent.

In data from 51 countries, including 18 in Sub-Saharan Africa ranging from South Africa to Ethiopia to Nigeria to Kenya and Mauritius, the United Nations University notes that the continent is now in a better place for an economic renaissance.

The GDP of the 18 countries in the data provided by the UNU accounts for nearly three-quarters of the region’s total.…