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In order for Tanzania to acquire a highly equitable and sustainable economic growth incorporation of informed decisions is inevitable, hence, the latter are the new currencies of the 21-century development (particularly in the African landscape) which demand seamless tools to analyze, and yet—the World Bank, has just the set right direction to that.

According to the World Bank, lowering the cost of project monitoring and creation of feedback loops was their key goal, which brought them to interesting creative solutions.

The latter resonates with the high-demands of decision-makers to understand, impacts of their actions, which dictate future plans, thus—calling for feedback loops.

Feedback loops (as called by World Bank) tend to offer a form of incentive triggering an action, as most decision-makers wish to avoid the possibility of their inaction, ruining their future endeavors within data collection and other development angles.

This means that, various development projects executed by the …