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Powering 58 million Tanzanian lives has been featured by numerous large-scale electricity generation projects.

This includes the controversial, USD 3 billion Rufiji Hydro Project construction at, Stieglers Gorge and the 150 MW solar farm to kick off December 2020.

Electricity in Tanzania has never been one energy-source show. Solar energy, biomass, and hydro-power have been contributing to electrifying urban and rural Tanzania for decades.

According to Tanzania Electricity Supply Company (TANESCO) data, a state-owned company responsible for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, 1, 382.95 MW are generated from hydropower (43 percent) and thermal (57 percent) sources.

Available data on renewable energy point out that only 6 MW of solar off-grid PV has been installed across Tanzania, which is mainly lighting up the rural areas; school, hospitals, health centers, police stations, and households.

And yet, the Energy Access Situation Report of 2016, points out that only 16.9 percent of rural …