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Installation of new infrastructure in the southern part of Tanzania. Jumeme has launched a “covid-19 relief programme” to support the Tanzanian government provide power to health centres.

Tanzania’s prime location on the African continent has given it the advantage of connects six land-locked countries to the Indian Ocean.

In addition, the country has abundant and world-class wind and solar resources making a suitable power producer who can export this power to the neighbouring countries.

The country is also the sixth-most populous country in sub-Saharan Africa with vast amounts of natural gas reserves which present enormous opportunities for investment in the sector.

Generating Electricity in Tanzania! How Many Billions Can Solar Light-up?

According to Power Africa, Tanzania’s government has committed to reform the operations of the national utility TANESCO to meet new demand through low-cost solutions.

High reliance on expensive thermal and emergency generation sources have helped make the sector financially unviable. Tanzania has made progress in grid expansion, increasing generation capacity with natural gas, facilitating an enabling environment for solar home systems, and publishing of new standard …