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Zimbabwe has over the years made headlines for many reasons politically and economically. The country has undergone severe hyperinflation, dollarization, de-dollarization, and recently pseudo re-dollarization. The capital markets have not been spared by this financial rollercoaster as evidenced by the little financial capital raised on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. Plans are at advanced stages for a new bourse to be based in Victoria Falls. 

Understanding Zimbabwe's Currency Matters and its impact on stocks 

At the height of Zimbabwe's economic crises, ordinary citizens became poor trillionaires and many corporates shut down or halted operations as they failed to cope with the situation. In 2009 the introduction of the multicurrency regime ushered in a period of stability that saw relative economic progression.  

Companies and individuals could plan and work towards specific targeted goals that had been impossible in the hyperinflationary period. The multicurrency regime was abandoned