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Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes net worthWhy is Elizabeth Holmes the most talked about ex-billionaire? Well, I guess the question answers itself. Five years ago,  Elizabeth Holmes made it to the cover of Forbes, she was only 31 years old and worth $4.5 billion.

When you are in your early thirties and make almost $400,000 dollars annually and ranked one of America’s 50 richest people.

you invariably get famous, very famous. Invariably, you become even more famous or shall we say infamous, when you lose all that money.

But who is Elizabeth Holmes? The self-made billionaire, correction, the former millionaire is the CEO of Theranos, a company that in that year, 2015, was valued at $9 billion.

Elizabeth Holmes owned over 50% of the blood-testing organization. Only one year later, the feds crashed the company on fraud charges and with it, down crashed the CEO.


In 2016, Forbes reevaluated Elizabeth Holmes to be at a …