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In the latest fundraising led by B Capital Group, Flutterwave raised US$250 million, with participation from Alta Park Capital LP, Whale Rock Capital and Lux Capital.

Flutterwave said in an emailed statement on Wednesday. “The investment has enabled the company to become the highest valued African startup,” a Flutterwave email read.

Flutterwave has processed transactions worth more than US$16 million in over 50 million transactions across dozens of countries in Africa, facilitating cross-border transactions in multiple currencies for companies, including Uber Technologies Inc., Booking.com and Alibaba’s Alipay. It has evolved beyond payments products to an online marketplace and a lending channel to small and medium businesses.

With operations from the Nigerian commercial hub of Lagos to Nairobi, Kenya, the San Francisco-based company will continue to grow in East Africa. According to Flutterwave’s software engineer, the company also plans to expand its Francophone African nations such as Senegal and Cameroon.

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Rural Farmers Hub will receive financial support worth US$15,000. It is a precision management solution for crop health and soil quality assessment created for small farmers, extensive plantations, and industrial out-growers.

Rural Farmers Hub provides intelligent maps to plan precise fixation of defects in soil and crops and develop various AI algorithms for agricultural application in Africa, showing how data can significantly impact the agriculture sector.

The company works with an extension worker network of over 200 members and have since reached over 25,000 smallholder farmers. They target ten vital corporate customers and an estimated 250,000 smallholder farmers within 24 months.

At the Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and Foreign portfolio investment (FPIs) Workshops, the countries’ representatives, governments, and cities will gain new insights from renowned industry experts from across the globe that will enrich their experience, thereby enabling them to establish themselves as lucrative opportunities for investment.

At the Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and Foreign portfolio investment (FPIs) conference sessions, participants from countries and government departments will be sharing expert insights, best practices, and ideal investment policies. They will also be taking part in the fruitful discussions that specialists from the investment community will lead to explore relevant topics about AIM’s first pillar – Foreign Direct Investment FDI.

At the AIM 2022 exhibition, the best local and international exhibitors across the globe, including the representatives of countries and investors, will gather to achieve economic growth for their respective countries and regions.

Jenga Leo is a coworking space based in Nairobi and offers workers several benefits, including high-speed Wi-Fi and air condition. The company offers several facilities, including a Skype and podcasting room and a childcare centre. Others are a yoga studio and gym room.

The administrator said the company’s innovative concept capitalises on that trend by bringing health and work together in one accessible place.

“The name itself plays by creating ‘building blocks’ as part of an organisation’s desire, with Jenga meaning ‘build’, ‘leo’ meaning today.

Hence, the concept takes building today to create the foundation of a workplace dynamic that allows for one’s mind, body, and soul to flourish.

Entrepreneurs are catalysts for business.

They have a highly desirable and fundamental effect on the wider economy through establishing new businesses of providing not only goods and services to customers but also providing job opportunities to individuals in various industries.

No country can survive without a thriving breed of entrepreneurs! They literally keep the wheels of the economy turning through their activities.