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The slight dip by gold prices is related to strengthening of the U.S. dollar but it is not expected to stay down should new cases of coronavirus emerge. Photo/J.Rotbart&co

Gold producers and investors are happy after the mighty dollar having taken a dip owing to the resurgence of demand for gold and increasing gold prices around the world and the dollar value going down, for now.

In the most recent publication by FxStreet titled Gold Price Forecast, experts admitted that “…the US Dollar (USD) weakened, a tailwind for the yellow metal.”

However, if one thing we know about the dollar is that the green buck knows how to take punch. The dollar maybe down but it is not out as the report analysts point to the hovering market confidence in the dollar performance.

“The sentiment is upbeat, as shown by global equities trading in the green. As previously mentioned, market players are positioning for a possible Fed pivot, while economic data in the US continues to show further deterioration in the country, which, coupled with high inflation and lower …

Forex Trading in Kenya - The Exchange (

Forex Market is a global financial market where currencies are traded and exchanged. Retail investors can participate in this market for the purpose of speculation or hedging.

Trading in the forex market is especially popular in Africa, and the market is regulated by CMA in Kenya. Lower barriers to entry for investors, and entry of more regulated players in the industry has led to growth in CFD trading & forex trading in Kenya.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a huge surge in the trading volume in Africa. But most retail investors are unaware of the risks associated with CFD & forex trading, and this puts them at risk of losing their capital or even more.

We look at the state of local online forex trading industry since it has been regulated and the risks that online forex trading pose to retail investors.

Growth and Concerns

Kenya based broker comparison …