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Kenyan water start-up quenches peri-urban residents in Nakuru

WellPower, an ambitious and savvy new tech startup, is now operating in all areas of Nakuru- 150  Kilometres north of Capital City of Nairobi- and is soon to expand to other parts of Kenya. They have launched an easy to use mobile app where users can now order clean, safe, and affordable drinking water on their phones and from the comfort of their homes.

Through the mobile application, which is available on Google Play Store, users are able to place an order for purified drinking water and select how much water they need between 10lts and 20lts. A WellPower delivery personnel then receives the order and delivers it at their doorstep within minutes.

WellPower launched the delivery service in August 2019 and already have more than 300 repeat customers in Nakuru. The company is founded by four Princeton University students who believe that access to clean, safe, and affordable drinking …