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teenagers of Africa

With almost 60 per cent of its people aged below 25 years, Africa is home to the world’s youngest population. This is an asset! It represents a huge workforce in waiting, one that must be nurtured and protected above and beyond. 

According to Dr. Githinji Gitahi, Global Chief Executive Officer (GCEO), AMREF Health Africa, now more than ever, youth are actively dismantling barriers to development and social justice through innovation and accountability in a way that only young people can. 

The challenges 

AMREF’s recently launched Health Africa Global Youth and Adolescent Strategy 2021-2022 shows that young people in Africa remain disproportionately left behind in health and social development, including having a higher risk of HIV infection, experiencing early and unwanted pregnancies, higher risk of maternal deaths among adolescents, increased incidences of mental health illness, and increased barriers to health care access.  

Even more crucial is the lack of information and