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The government of Zimbabwe has set in motion an economic roadmap for the next 5 years. The new blueprint is anticipated to achieve a 5% growth in the country’s economy over a period of 5 years to 2025

Dubbed the National Development Strategy (NDS) 1, the economic blueprint replaces the transitional development strategy phase which the government says has achieved critical success.

The NDS 1 will therefore be rolled out under better economic conditions than the TSP and carries with it bold strategies and policies to catapult economic growth,” Mnangagwa said.

The country’s president Emmerson Mnangagwa announced the new plan which he said was supported by accelerated growth on the back of improvements in mining, agriculture tourism, and the manufacturing sector. 

The country is finance minister is expected to deliver the financial banking of this plan when he presents his budget this month

Some of the highlights of the economic

US ban Zimbabwe’s diamond import, government protests

Zimbabwe expressed concern over the United States’ ban placed on its diamonds to prevent it from being imported over concerns of forced labour.

The US Customs and Border Protection banned targeted products from China, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This has risen suspicion of the blockade being an extension of Washington DC’s trade war with China.

The US said that they issued a Withhold Release Order of the artisanal rough-cut diamonds from Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond field due to evidence of forced labour and the US law prohibits importation of goods made with forced labour.

The Secretary of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Mr. Nick Mangwana responded, “There is virtually nothing like this in our diamond industry. Zimbabwe is replete with a highly qualified labour force which is neither forced nor compelled at any point along the mining and processing value chain.”

He pointed out that Zimbabwe …